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Release numbering

GanttProject release numbering tries to follow Semantic Versioning scheme. The release number consists of three parts and looks like EPIC.FEATURE.MAINTENANCE.

Maintenance updates

We increment MAINTENANCE number when we publish a new version with bugfixes which do not break file compatibility. Files produced by version 2.8.N should be absolutely compatible with files produced by any version 2.8.K for any K<>N. As a rule of thumb, the decision to upgrade to newer bugfix release should be a no-brainer for the user because it can only make his experience better. Also bugfix release normally requires no changes in the translations.

Maintenance updates cadence is measured by weeks or a few months.

Feature updates

We usually increment FEATURE number when we add new features which may break file compatibility or require translation efforts. Normally we maintain file-wise compatibility with the previous versions and aim at partial backward compatibility. That is, version 2.8 should be able to read files produced by version 2.7 , and version 2.6 should be able to read files produced by version 2.8, perhaps with restricted functionality and with a chance to lose some data if the file gets overwritten, but without failures.

Every feature update starts a new series of maintenance updates which all share the same mnemonic name. Feature updates cadence is usually measured by months. Sometimes it takes a few years to get to the next feature update though.

Epic updates

When we add a really big feature or completely re-write something, we update the EPIC number. This may happen when we introduce incompatible changes to file format, or significantly update the user interface or do something else which greatly distinguishes the new version from all the previous ones.

Epic updates are very rare.

Release history

The list of the latest feature updates and corresponding release series in the reverse chronological order.

Date Release
26 July 2016 GanttProject 2.8 "Pilsen"
22 January 2015 GanttProject 2.7 "Ostrava"
23 November 2012 GanttProject 2.7 "Brno"
11 March 2012 GanttProject 2.5 "Praha"